The UB Center for Children and Families is restructuring and seeking a new director

During this process, the website will have minimal functionality. We look forward to unveiling a new site soon. In the meantime, we hope the following information is helpful.


Drs. Pelham, Waschbusch, and Waxmonsky have relocated to Florida International University. If you were a participant in a study that needs a copy of a report or you need information from them, please call 305-348-0477 or visit their website at ccf.fiu.edu.

Dr. Hoffman can be reached at Children's Hospital at 716-878-1268.

Dr. Fabiano and Dr. Hawk remain at UB and may be reached through their webpages.


If you are calling about services or testing for your child, please note the following two options:

  • The UB Psychological Services Center provides state-of-the-art assessment and treatment services for adults and children. The phone number is 716-645-3697.
  • The Summer Treatment Program and other ADHD services are now being offered by Summit Educational Resources, under the direction of Dr. Burrows-MacLean. Please call 716-629-3445