Clinical Services

Our goal is to develop models for evidence-based, cost-effective, exportable, and integrated clinical services for children with mental health problems. To this end, we offer services and treatment for children and their families in an interdisciplinary clinic that provides multimodal, family, and school-centered treatment for children with behavioral and learning problems.

During the school year, outpatient services are offered at the group and individual level. In most cases, families must participate in group-based services before being considered for individual treatment. Prior to enrollment in individual outpatient services, social skills programs, or the Summer Treatment Program, a CCF Treatment Program Application must be completed. A CCF Clinical Staff Therapist then reviews the application in order to determine if the child is appropriate for the service of interest. Many service programs require an intake assessment in addition to the completed application. Intake assessments are not scheduled until the CCF Treatment Application is complete and reviewed by CCF staff.

Below is a list of our treatment programs

  • Coping for Parents

    The Center for Children & Families offers group parenting classes Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:15 to 8:00 pm. Classes are open to parents with children aged 5-12. Children participate in a social skills training group while parents attend class. Childcare is provided for children aged 3+. Enrollment is open and families can start the class at anytime... more

  • Summer Treatment Program ( STP )
    The STP is an award-winning and comprehensive treatment program for children's behavioral, emotional, and learning problems. Designed for children with ADHD and related problems, this program incorporates a set of evidence-based treatments into a therapeutic summer day camp. Parents take an active role in their children's treatment by participating in weekly parent training sessions, where they develop the skills needed to change their child's behavior in the home environment and to foster generalization of the child's therapeutic gains. The STP has a proven track record of results for thousands of children and familes... more | STP 2010 | STP Application
  • Adolescent Summer Treatment Program ( STP-A )
    Adapted from the STP, the Adolescent Summer Treatment Program is offered to adolescents entering grades 7-11. The program helps young teenagers develop the skills they need to succeed in middle and high school settings. Adolescents will spend the day playing sports, gaining leadership and job experience, and developing their academic, social, and organization skills..more | STP 2009 | STP Application
  • Saturday Treatment Program ( SatTP )
    The Saturday Treatment program is a weekly program that meets for two hours on Saturday mornings throughout the school year. The program is open to children aged 5 - 12 with behavioral problems.

    Saturday sessions emphasize development of social and sports skills, in a fun and rewarding environment... more
  • ADHD Teen Group
    The program for teens with ADHD focuses on forming positive interpersonal relationships with peers, developing the social skills needed to succeed in adolescence, and social problem-solving. Adolescents will participate in recreational sports activities, discussion groups, and a teen “issues” group...more
  • Parenting Your Adolescent
    These sessions are designed to address the special problems relevant to teenagers and their parents. Topics focus on improving family communication and problem-solving skills, as well as the use of behavioral contracting and positive reinforcement to obtain desired behaviors...more
  • Adolescent Academic Support Package
    Consisting of academic skill building and working with a "coach," this service helps to coordinate a system of organization, assignment monitoring, and academic accountability at school for your adolescent... more
  • School Intervention
    School Interventions are conducted through direct contact with community school staff and by teaching parents to work more efficiently with schools. Therapists working with the family provide direct consultation to the child's classroom teacher in the development of an individualized behavioral treatment program to manage problematic behaviors and improve academic performance. Parents are encouraged to participate in the consultation sessions so that they can learn the consultant's skills in order to maintain the school-based intervention over the remainder of the school year and in subsequent school years. School interventions can also be conducted at the school-wide level. CCF staff work with all of the staff in a school to develop comprehensive and effective school-wide discipline and violence prevention programs.
  • Developmental Disabilities Evaluation Clinic
    The CCF collaborates with Summit Educational Services to run an evaluation clinic for toddlers and preschool children suspected of having developmental disorders. The Developmental Disabilities Clinic offers comprehensive evaluations conducted by a psychologist and a developmental pediatrician. The purpose of these evaluations is to identify children in need of early intervention services and make appropriate treatment recommendations.